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Otago Agency Key Player in New Software

Instant reporting from remote locations is now available for the social services sector thanks to a collaborative approach between Presbyterian Support Otago and an Auckland-based software services company, Augen Software Group.

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We look after your software, leaving you free to look after your core business!

Augen Software Group is a midsize multinational service provider.  We work closely with businesses from many industry sectors as their software partner.  We look after their software and software-related activities, enabling them to fully focus on managing and growing their core business.

AugenGENERAL: Business Sectors

Augen provides software services to a wide range of industry sectors, including: banking, commercial services, finance, fitness, human resource, industrial services, insurance, legal services, manufacturing, professional services, transport, utilities. Learn more...

AugenSOFT: Software Sector

If you have a software product or Software-as-a-Service offering, Augen can provide you with more capacity and scalability for speed-to-market - in many cases the ability to punch above your weight, and also a presence in Asia. Learn more...

Augen iHDSS: integrated Health, Disability & Social Services

As resources are limited across the entire Health, Disability and Social Services sector, we help organisations increase access to information and innovative use of technology to deliver more effective outcomes for service users. Learn more...