Augen Software Group

Augen has been delivering technology innovation, software development projects and resource capacity to our customers since 1993.

With our growing resource base of over forty developers, business analysts, testers, consultants and project managers in our NZ and overseas offices, we bring to businesses significant expertise, reach and ability to scale.

We serve many sectors including banking, finance, insurance, health, disability & social services, HR, transport, to name just a few. We apply technology to inform/transform business practices, and improve productivity and efficiency.

In addition to excellence in innovation, Augen has strong management and governance practices. Our brand is trusted for strong communication, risk management, security and standards compliance.

Augen provides a complete range of software services. Our offering includes consultancy, needs analysis, estimation and planning, development, implementation, testing, on-going support, first-level helpdesk, and lifecycle management.


Our Integration Story

Augen has extensive integration experience from small business to enterprise level.

We understand the complexity of distributed systems. We have designed and built a number of platforms using service bus, message queues, message brokers, event sourcing and simple point-to-point architectures.

Enterprise customers include banks, insurance and health providers.

Our Web Platform and Portal Story

For more than two decades, we have designed and built many web platforms and portals to connect businesses with their customers. We also migrate in-house applications and databases to full-featured web applications.

Our business analysts and UX specialists ensure excellent user experience and good fit to business needs. We apply the latest web technologies to ensure high-performance and responsive design that works on any device.

We work with some of New Zealand’s leading IT security specialist companies to ensure our projects follow solid security practices.

Our Management Team

Peter Vile – Co-Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Vile started his career in ICT in 1986.  His current leadership roles see him involved in Organisational Leadership, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Legal & Risk Management, International Expansion, and Industry Leadership.

With over three decades of experience in managing development, delivery and support of Information Systems across a wide range of industries, Peter has an excellent in-depth appreciation of software development, the provision of software services, as well as the development and commercialization of software products and growing software businesses.

In industry leadership, Peter is a member of the executive council of the ASEAN-New Zealand Business Council (ANZBC). He is a co-founder of the New Zealand Software Association (NZSA) and also the New Zealand Health IT Cluster (NZHIT).

Peter is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and travels to Augen’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from time to time.

Mitchell Pham – Co-Founder, Director, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Mitchell Pham started his career in ICT in 1993. Originally a software developer, Mitchell has moved on to undertake leadership and management roles in Software Development, Software Consultancy, Products & Services Development, Sales & Marketing, Organisational and Industry Leadership.

Mitchell brings two and a half decades of his ICT experience in the software sector to the Augen team. Within that time, he has been involved with a number of software product/SaaS businesses. He has wide ranging expertise in product & service development, revenue & engagement models, protection of intellectual property, sales & marketing channels, business offerings & capabilities, internationalisation and speed-to-market.

In industry leadership, Mitchell is the Chair of the NZ Technology Industry Association (NZTech), a co-founder and the Chair of the NZ Financial Innovation & Technology Association (FinTechNZ), a co-founder of the NZ Software Association (NZSA) and also the NZ Health IT Cluster (NZHIT), and an official NZ Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) Beachheads Advisor in technology business for Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

Internationally, Mitchell is a member of the Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International (SAVVi) network and also the executive committee of the global Vietnamese diaspora business network (BAOOV).

Mitchell is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and regularly travels to Augen’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Mike Hibbert – Chief Technology Officer

Mike Hibbert joined Augen in 2011 as the CTO. He is responsible for managing our service activities and project operations across all business units and resource centres.

Mike started his career in ICT in 1988. His particular interest is in Agile Development and Project Management, coaching new leaders and quality practices across distributed organisations.

Mike enjoys surfing and trading shares on international stock exchanges. He is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and occasionally travels to Augen’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Winston Chow – General Manager - Operations

Winston Chow is responsible for managing Augen’s people and our operational environment. He is responsible for all aspects of human capital, technology infrastructure, and operational facilities.

Winston has been part of the Augen family since 2004 when he first joined as a Senior Developer. He quickly moved into the management team, and was then responsible for technology management before settling into his current role as GM of Operations.

Winston enjoys gaming and social connections online as well as off-line. He is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and occasionally travels to Augen’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Tam Ho – Vice Director - Augen Vietnam

Tam Ho is responsible for all aspects of Augen’s local operation in Vietnam.

Tam has more than 14 years of experience in the ICT industry. She has deep expertise in creating and delivering quality software, leading delivery teams, solving problems, understanding and translating complex requirements, communicating and coordinating between New Zealand and Vietnam, and ensuring true cohesion exists between teams in the two countries.

Tam also has experience in hiring and attracting quality staff, creating a close-knit bond and enjoyable working environment. She oversees teams responsible for delivering high quality software and business solutions. She is also responsible for ensuring Vietnamese laws, regulations and policies are followed, maintaining a happy and energetic working environment, and upholding a high standard of work ethics in the organisation.

Tam is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and occasionally travels to Augen’s office in Auckland, New Zealand.