Carpe Diem - Seize the day

“Carpe diem” (“seize the day”) has never been more relevant.

“Business[es] must invent new ways of doing things fast.” – Rob Fyfe, former CEO of Air New Zealand and IceBreaker.

As the public health emergency settles down and New Zealand moves from lock down level 4 to level 3, we are starting to see organisations shifting their attention from crisis management to seizing opportunities.

Where does opportunity lie?
Beyond the current crisis, as the world continues to become more digital rather than less, the most obvious opportunity for our domestic as well as the global economy will be in a digital-led recovery.

For traditional businesses, this means accelerating and amplifying digital transformation – to enter new markets, access new customers, provide new offerings or experiences to existing clients, solving new problems for the world, transforming the business with digital technology to become more agile and adaptive for the new normal, etc.

For businesses who are based on technology and innovation, this could mean accelerating along current roadmaps to get to market faster to seize demand or beat the competition, pivoting to pursue new opportunities that are fast emerging, or strengthening the existing business with more scalability and capabilities to navigate uncertain waters, start new innovation projects to explore the emerging landscape of opportunity etc.

Moving forward – Augen can help

If you see accelerated digital transformation and software innovation as game-changing opportunities for your business then the question is how best to execute?

Execution is the space that Augen have been in for 27 years. From strategising to delivering, we engage from conception of ideas to building and delivering innovative software products/solutions and integrating them into existing systems/ecosystems.

Being a Kiwi company, we understand the New Zealand business environment as well as how Kiwi companies adapt and innovate. We can assist you across a number of situations, depending on your priorities:

  • Continuity of business: Resourcing to cope with BAU demands, keep your business on track with your roadmap or work programmes – we are ready, have the skills and capacity as well as right pricing;
  • Off- load resourcing risks: Adding resources during uncertain times to maintain or accelerate project pace without adding risks – confidence to scale up with ability to scale down while not sure what the future looks like;
  • Need for speed: Speed to market – resourcing to race forward to timely seize market opportunities;
  •  Front of the pack: Resourcing yourself to keep up with or accelerate your own pace of innovation to stay ahead of the competition – giving yourself the advantages of both scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Augen are used to remote working and distributed teams with our New Zealand-Vietnam resourcing model and business structure of 16 years, so we are able to continue functioning seamlessly through the various lock down levels in both countries. Our on-shore/off-shore resourcing model continues to provide our customers with both resource scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Augen’s Strategy & Innovation Lead’s with 30+ years of experience are also industry leaders in the New Zealand technology innovation domain. Talk to us about how you can accelerate your business forward or get your new projects off the ground.

Author: Mitchell Pham, Co-founder and Director, Augen Software Group

28 April 2020