Moving from your idea to first software release should be quick

Have a great idea for software that needs to get to market ASAP?

Unless you can get your new idea/product/solution to market quickly, you risk being out-of-date before you finish or even worse, get started.

How can you quickly get to your first software release?

The Five steps

Agile ideation, discovery, proof-of-concept, prototype and minimum viable product (MVP) builds are all part of getting innovative ideas out in front of customers quickly – i.e. speed to market.

Doing these steps correctly will help with maturing your idea, de-risking your journey and give your project or business the best start possible – maybe even a head-start.

The Five steps explained

1- Ideation
The creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas

2 - Discovery
The early stage which involves business analysis and elicits requirements including technology choices, cost estimation and project planning etc.

3 - Proof-of-concept
This is a small exercise to test the design idea or assumption in order to demonstrate feasibility

4- Prototype
Generating an early sample, model or release of a product built to test a concept or process

5- Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Releasing a version of a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development

At the end of each of the steps above, you can review, reprioritise, change direction, or even change the idea itself. Depending of the maturity of the idea, you may also skip from Discovery straight into developing the MPV.

The team at Augen have been doing this time and again for nearly 3 decades – applying proven processes, expertise and resources to help businesses and tech firms make decisions and build fit-for-purpose software.

Depending on where you are with your idea and as an organisation, we can help you gain visibility of the path ahead and get you to the next milestone quickly.

If time to market is key and you cannot wait, let’s meet to discuss your idea and establish the next step forward – for a rapid, low-cost, low-risk, high-value engagement and tangible outcome.

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Author: Mitchell Pham, Co-founder and Director, Augen Software Group