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To provide more insight on our design approach, our software delivery model or to gain deeper insight on our project (and team) resourcing options, take a quick look at some of the 'one-pagers' below

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Good portal design is knowing when to 'get out of the way'!

A good portal is more than just a website, it is an interactive gateway into your business. A great portal seamlessly integrates and surfaces data while also providing an easy-to-use and engaging experience. Well-designed platforms are reliable, perform well and keep out of the way.

Mobile Development: Take the right path

A mobile application or responsive website is a great way to enhance customer service delivery while also providing an engaging customer experience. Generating the best solution needs to consider the end-to-end design process, implementing an effective mobile strategy and ensuring the software platform is fit-for-purpose. Talk with us about taking the right path from day one.

Fit-for-purpose integration solutions designed to generate business opportunity

IT systems that don't play well together impede innovation and force compromises on your business outcomes. Augen has decades of experience on leading clients through a process designing, building, implementing and then ongoing maintenance of fit-for-purpose integration solutions.

Good User Experience is more than pretty design!

Having a great User Experience (UX) is the standard your customers should expect from engaging with your service, product or digital platform. Generating a great experience comes from a dedicated, multi-disciplinary design and delivery process with a goal to look good, perform well and delight your customers.

Outsourcing, Offshoring and Resourcing? Take the right path

'Lost in translation' is a common communication challenge bringing project risk when working with large enterprise and/or remote offshore providers. Augen has decades of experience 'right-sizing' project and resourcing solutions focused on what is most effective for NZ companies. As a Kiwi-owned business, our NZ and Vietnam teams are here to deliver what you expect, and make sure the project is provided on time and to budget.