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Meet the demands of your customers and users

Cloud is often the best option for meeting the demands of your users. Whether you’re building new or modernising existing applications, we can help you make the best choice for your business. 

Taking your application to the cloud isn’t simple. There’s security, technology and cost to consider. There is a vast range of VM, SAAS, containers and serverless options that reduce development and deployment timeand increase scalability. We can help you make the best decision, then craft your technology roadmap, design and build the solution and deploy it to the world.

Cloud agnostic

We work with the foremost global cloud providers. We love what we do, and we are not religious about it.

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Why Augen for Cloud

Getting on the cloud is easy, doing it right takes experience. Augen’s team of developers, testers and DevOps engineers have been providing outsourced development for some of New Zealand's most demanding businesses. From private network enterprise applications to consumer portals and apps, to hosted blockchain solutions and SAAS products, our team has worked across Azure, AWS and GoogleCloud. We understand how to build outstanding applications that run on the cloud, for your demanding customers.