Power in the hands of your users

Best-in-class companies get data to the users who need it. Imagine how productive your users could be if they had easier access to data hidden away in your systems. By building on to your existing applications and bringing your data together through integrations you’ll improve your user experience.

Integration across existing and cloud apps

We’ll build a software solution that is uniquely yours, securely linking data from anywhere.

What we are best at

Our Services


Key enterprise apps
Although we take a user-centric approach we can build on top of your existing Enterprise software.
API development and integration
Secure integration across your business and beyond.
On-premise and cloud
Unconstrainted by where your data lives, we’ll make sure it can get into the hands of your users.

Why Augen for Enterprise

Delivering digital initiatives that provide delightful customer experiences and deliver the right tools into the hands of both staff and customers is now critical to business success. 

At Augen we partner with organisations to accelerate their digital initiatives. We have been building software for New Zealand enterprises and have become a trusted partner, delivering insight and innovation to clients for more than two decades. From integrating with partners and opening corporate data with APIs to creating new digital business ventures that are future-ready Augen will ensure your organisation gets the right outcomes.