Outsource development

What is it?

Augen excels at spinning-up resources, giving you access to development teams who deliver the projects you need to stay ahead in the market. We go beyond partnership, our team becomes your team. We sit with your development team, sharing expertise and delivering code that meets your expectations of quality and consistency.

Why do you need it?

Productivity, product delivery and technical debt are three of the bigger challenges facing all business. Our teams can help you eliminate and simplify these challenges. Stop worrying about productivity - when dealing with Augen you’ll get cost certainty you can budget on.

A development team from Augen could cost no more than your internal team. And we'll work with you to activity eliminate your trade-offs between software delivery and technical debt ensuring you can deliver your current roadmap.

What we are best at

Our Services


A better experience
We own your project and wrap a range of resources around the project to get it delivered.
Delivery to any budget
We have a range of options, from onshoring to offshore to ensure we can meet your budget. We've been outsourcing since 1993 and know how it works.
A better off-shore experience
We have our own offshoring team, which means when you outsource with Augen you will have a great experience.

Our Process

We’re happy to augment your team with ours.

We kick-off with a discussion about your project to establish exactly where you need help – solution architects, business analysts, developer, technical leads or any other technical resource.  We also ascertain where you are now and what you are trying to achieve, timescales and deadlines, constraints. This means  we can provide the right team for your project.  Our team will have worked together before so know each other’s strengths and can deliver at high velocity.

We establish a robust feedback cadence from the start to ensure projects stay on track and are delivered on time.

Our teams can be scaled-up or down as demand fluctuates or your business circumstances change and this is monitored in the feedback process and the teams adapted accordingly so that workload remains manageable while still progressing.