Product delivery
We bring innovation to life, collaborating with you to understand the distinctive needs and opportunities for  your business

What is it?

We'll help you create software products for your customers. We've worked with a large cross-section of NZ technology and SaaS businesses, and all have benefited from our flexibility, lateral thinking and speed-to-market focus. We pride ourselves on working with your team to cost-effectively deliver a product fit for your customers.

Augen has the expertise and experience to work with you to develop your roadmap, helping you sequence and prioritise feature delivery to ensure your development dollar is invested in the right place.

Why do you need it?

Delivering a software product your customers can use and is on budget is critical for the success of any software product company.

Augen helps you make the trade-offs between functionality and cost that are essential to delivering a great customer experience at the right price. We have a wide array of development talent to bring to your project.

What we are best at

Our Services


Software delivery roadmap
We build technology and delivery roadmaps that capitalises on the customer knowledge you've built.
The right customer experience
Providing the right experience both for your customers and staff ensures that the software is fit for purpose.
Best-fit Software
We use sound software development processes to create solutions that work for your business.

Our Process

As with our solution delivery, product delivery starts with discovery workshops to establish our starting point to develop a new product from your vision or enhance an existing product. We explore how the product will align with your business strategy, how your customers and/or organisations will use the product, business processes, what legacy products or technologies that need to be incorporated, your existing workforce and skillsets. This involves talking to many people in your organisation to get the full picture. We include in-depth onboarding and deployment processes ensuring we are developing an end-to-end solution focused on delivering the best customer experience.

We develop wireframes, process flow diagrams, charts and undertake research to create a product definition document. This gives clarity and direction around how and what to build to ensure the product delivers the best outcomes.