Software Architecture
We bring innovation to life, collaborating with you to understand the distinctive needs and opportunities for  your business

What is it?

Building great software starts with the architecture, it's the foundation on which your business and processes run, so it pays to get it right. Augen will evolve your existing architecture, making the most of  your current systems while preparing you for tomorrow. Or, we can start with a blank page, creating a new design to ensure you get optimal results. We have experience across a wide range of architectural paradigms from containerisation, to monolithic, to micro-services. We also understand and bring experience with big data and cloud computing, ensuring we design an architecture that delivers value to your business.

Why do you need it?

With technology at the heart of modern business, your software architecture can become either an asset or liability. As an asset your systems never get in the way of your goals and you can implement new digital initiatives quickly.

Augen understands that good architecture is critical when your systems must be reliable, scalable, and easily adapted to the future needs of your business.

What we are best at

Our Services


Systems that don't hold you back
A flexible structure that supports expandable and scalable systems improving business performance. 
Software Quality
Build a solid foundation on which to run your critical business applications and processes.
A design you can trust
An architecture to fit your needs taking advantage of a wide choice of technology and cloud options.

Our Process

Augen starts by establishing what your strategy is and your expectations – what do you need to achieve for your business, how and by when? We include non-functional requirements – gathering information on your technology, existing digital strategies and uncovering any constraints.  This delivers a direction and boundary from which the architecture can be developed.

We identify candidate technologies to deliver against functional and non-functional requirements, we evaluate pros and cons, ease of use over time, scalability and total cost of ownership. You'll see an initial architecture for review to ensure the focus and outcomes are right.  

Finally, a diagrammatic framework is presented to clearly articulate the architecture and the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Using key concepts of logical architecture, physical architecture, conceptual architecture we deliver a standardised way to communicate the software architecture plan quickly and easily.