Solution delivery
We bring innovation to life, collaborating with you to understand the distinctive needs and opportunities for  your business

What is it?

Augen designs, builds and delivers tailored software that solves your business challenges. We deliver value by being part of your team and working in a way that’s aligned to your business.

Why do you need it?

All businesses are unique, and while we won't reinvent the wheel, we also don't offer cookie-cutter solutions. We deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems and are fit for purpose.

When so much competitive advantage relies on software, it's important that you get a solution that works the way you do and delivers what you need it to.

What we are best at

Our Services


We understand your business
We work with your stakeholders to ensure we deliver the software solution to your business problem.
Software that delivers your outcomes
Providing the right experience for your customers and staff ensures that the software is fit for purpose.
Best-fit Software
We utilise sound software development processes to create solutions that work for your business.

Our Process

Our solution delivery starts with in-depth discovery workshop to your business strategy, where we are starting from, what organisations and people will be touched by the solution, business processes, what legacy systems and technologies need to be incorporated or replaced, your existing workforce and skillsets and ultimately, how a target solution will align with your needs. This usually involves talking to a range of people across your organisation to get the full picture.

From the discovery sessions, we’ll document your high-level requirements, solution wireframes, and process flow diagrams to create a solution white paper.  Once agreed and signed-off, we elaborate on detailed requirements and solution design and start solution development, working in manageable blocks of time to measure pace and progress.  

We create a robust feedback cycle to reinforce the agile methodology of a regular meeting cadence and project delivery.  

Augen endeavours to identify quick wins to demonstrate and prove solution feasibility, project progression and ROI to your stakeholders.